At the invitation of the Kora Im An Kil Fund Inc.(Kora Fund), H.E. Ambassador Jeffrey S.C. Hsiao visited Bokanbotin Island Getaway, where one of the applicants of the “Taiwan-Marshall Islands Women Business Start-up Small Loan Revolving Fund” runs her picnic area.

With the beautiful view on Bokanbotin, Ambassador Hsiao also enjoyed the afternoon with the Justice Minister Hon. Jack Ading, Senator Hon. Hilda Heine, Senator Hon. Dennis Momotaro, chair of the Kora Fund Amenta Matthew, the CEO of Women United Together Marshall Islands(WUTMI) Daisy Momotaro, and members from the Kora Fund Marshall Islands and WUTMI.

The Embassy is delighted to learn that the fund is helping the Marshallese women start or expand their business, and looks forward to seeing more women benefit from the fund, and in the meantime, suppots the tourism industry of the Marshall Islands.