SmartCity Workshop


  1. Invite senior ICT officials from the Pacific allies and friendly countries to join this workshop.
  2. Share our experience regarding developing E-government, SmartCity projects and ICT projects, including introducing the policy, application and implementation of E-government Smartcity projects.
  3. Visit related agencies and institutes to understand the current development of ICT application.
  4. Connect participants to promote networking.
  5. Encourage participants to share the status quo of ICT development from their countries. Taiwanese experts will provide consultations to assist them to draft long-term plans and policy goals. Taiwanese companies are encouraged to introduce related or appropriate solutions and to set up offices in the Pacific region to promote and implement ICT projects.


  1. Facilitate future exchanges between Pacific allies and Taiwan
  2. Show Taiwan’s soft power in contributing to allies’ ICT development through information sharing at the workshop.
  3. Understand allies’ needs to inspire opportunities for future cooperation, including seeking support from World Bank or ADB to fund its development.
  4. Establish potential or future co-partners to set up training centers.